• SAP's Fiori Applications - A quality question
    SAP provides a number of SAP Fiori applications for customers; however from experience in implementing and using these application I have serious concerns over their quality and SAP's goals...
  • Test new blog platform - Jekyll
    I'm moving to Jekyll and markdown as a blog platform. This is just a test post.
  • Changing the default WD-ABAP Error Page
    I recently encountered a situation where I needed to change the standard WebDynpro Error Page to something that was seen to be a little more easy on the eye for users. The main requirement was for time-outs. It’s a pretty simple task except for a couple of gotcha’s that are not described in the SAP help...
  • Smart end-points and dumb pipes
    Are we doing integration wrong? Building business logic into interfaces and creating dependencies on bigger and bigger integration teams.